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Executive Director
Born in Sungai Bakau Kecil West Borneo 1975. He is a former student activist and focuses on issues of empowerment and advocacy. He is one of the founder of Lembaga Gemawan in 1999 and actively involve as member of Board of Chair now. He is the initiator of and is actively involved in various local and national NGO networks. Besides being a consultant, he is also a speaker, facilitator and trainer in issues of good governance, policy advocacy, political education & citizenship, paralegals, natural resource policy, community organizing and village autonomy. Now, He works actively in Swandiri Institute as the Executive Director.
Irendra Radjawali
A Geographer and experienced researcher in action research using ecology-political approach, modelling, and network analysis for social-ecology study. He conducted doctoral study in Bremen, Germany, entitled "Towards the political ecology of reef fishery in Indonesia". Currently, he affiliates with Institute for Oriental and Asian Studies, Bonn University, Germany implementing research on "Urban-rural linkage: The political ecology of Kapuas River, West Kalimantan". He take active participation in research of "Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives/EITI and analysis for Spatianal Planning and Region.
Laili Khairnur
Over the last decade Laili Khairnur has been involved in social movements and civil society in West Kalimantan. As a student in Yogyakarta she volunteered in several national NGOs. Besides her specialisation in women’s issues, she is also an expert in the issues of corruption, good governance and natural resources management, particularly in relation to forestry and oil-palm production. For the past three years she has been exploring economic development issues, specifically the small-micro business. She has considerable expertise as a facilitator, advocator and campaigner. Moreover, she also has specialised expertise in directing an organisation like Lembaga Gemawan on management and program planning issues. She frequently serves as spokesperson for Lembaga Gemawan and has represented Lembaga Gemawan on local, national and international advocacy.
Muhammad Isa
A facilitator, organizer and campaigner. Significantly active on issues of civil society and social changes since he become students activists. He initiated several local community organisations and network of civil society organisations which shaped his experience and understanding of the local organisations in West Kalimantan and its nexus with regional and international relation. His extensive knowledge including human rights, democracy and community development. He worked in BRR Aceh, KPU commissioner (election body). In Swandiri Institute, apart as being consutant, he manages Borneo University Initiative.
Arif Munandar
An experienced advocator in research to support advocacy works through investigation and legal analysis approaches. Before that, he worked actively as the director of WALHI (Friends of Earth Indonesia) chapter Jambi since 2008-2012 that focused on advocacy, investigation, and community based organization works, specifically the advocacy to encourage the local wisdom based village forest management for 49.000 Ha of area in 17 villages of Merangin district. Doing "risk assessment and security plan" for the campaign activity of tiger eye tour hosted by greenpeace and WALHI chapter West Kalimantan. He conducted a research "Indonesia Chatham House Micro Study on Illegal Logging" in Seruyan, West Kalimantan with Aidenvironment Asia. He also actively involved in doing legal analysis on the spatial planning of West Kalimantan province and several districts of West Kalimantan with the civil society forum. Actively doing a research and analysis on "Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives / EITI"
Happy Hendrawan
Many spend time in the field since he was in college. Starting from actively opposing the New Order regime joined the GRM (People's Movement Marhaen) 1986, Aldera (Democratic People's Alliance). Then build a national election monitoring movement (KIPP) and local (KIPP Pamali). Followed by gave birth to the KONTRAS (Coordinator of Investigation), INSIDE, KAIL Kalimantan and others. For other activities, other than once in the FFI-IP as Ketapang District Manager is also active as a speaker in several workshop-seminar, facilitator, consultant policies, and so forth.
Uray Endang Kusumajaya
His involvement in reproductive health education and HIV/AIDS prevention in 1995-2005 has brought him to extensively involve in formal and non-formal education since then. He took active participation in student movement in 1996 – 1998 and later with several student activists he founded Lembaga Gemawan in 1999 and become member chair of board. Having completed his master of education in Victoria University, Melbourne, he developed deep interest and skills in community organizing, facilitating and developing training and building capacity for civil society organisations.
Delsy Ronnie
An expert in the peace process once a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki - Finland (2009 - present). Currently a program manager / representative negara-- Myanmar to help Muslims. Some of the activities that once cultivated among others: Senior National consultant GIZ - EU to strengthen the implementation of the peace agreement in Aceh, as well as Program Manager Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) - Education Center for Peace and Conflict Studies in the Philippines. Various peace processes in the region, including advisory peace process (2000-2005); international observers for a fact-finding mission / Bantay Ceasefire in Mindanao (2003) and peace-building work in Papua, Kalimantan Barat, North Africa, North Thailand, and Myanmar. National Team Leader (2004) for the Project Early Warning System for inter-state conflicts in Indonesia. In the year, he was the Director of the Social Section at the Presidential Institution (2005 - 2007) for the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, later in the year he became Head of Office / Program Manager Interpeace (2008) - Alliance for International Peace Building one of its main tasks to facilitate dialogue after the treaty of peace between the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement. During 1999 - 2003, active writing articles and making a documentary about peace. Guest researcher (2009 - 2012) for the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) is based in Copenhagen. And, together with the Dalai Lama, he was invited as one of the speakers at the "100 years of the Nobel Peace Festival in Oslo" (December 2001)
Cut Azimar TA
Formally trained in the agricultural development from the Syah Kuala University in NAD. She has expertise more than 10 years in administration and financial matters specifically for research projects or advocacy activities hosted by national or international institutions such as Transparency International Indonesia and Kontras.